Swiss Chard Trumps Kale

Kale is all the rage right now. There was a time when kale was used primarily as a plate garnish, and not necessarily meant to be eaten.  And I can remember when quinoa was a complete foreigner in the food aisles.  If you knew how to pronounce it in 1992, you were most certainly a die-hard hippie.

It’s a tale of kale and quinoa…two food finds that only the granola factions were aware of, up until a few years ago.

From The Cheesecake Factory to Whole Foods Market, kale and quinoa have now crossed over into mass market and might even be considered health food staples.  But today I want to talk about chard.  Chard is another green, leafy vegetable that seems to have faded into the background in more recent times, but tastes so much better than kale! If you have been forcing yourself to eat kale out of peer pressure, give chard a try and don’t ever look back.

swiss chard

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